Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hidden Pines Fort Bragg RV Park & Campground - Spring and Summer Vacations 2016 - Flowers, Salmon, Abalone and Whales - Spring Has Sprung

Hidden Pines Beach Week RV and Tent Camp Vacations sales April 23, 2016 update. Located in Fort Bragg California - The 2016 Spring flowers, salmon, and abalone season is in full bloom. Botanical garden tours, fishing, and diving are happening now. - Spring and Summer RV Park or Camping Vacations are sold daily from noon to 5 pm - Call (707) 961-5451 - Do The Free Planning. Ask About The Holiday Dates? - Sites for 2 to 8 people or arrange group camping too. The 2016 vacation values for 3 days to 2 weeks with free planning can be purchased in advance by phone or they can be bought at the camp store.

April showers are ensuring the extended spring flowers this season with abundant green grasses and plush, healthy forests for your pleasure. Spring flowers and the private Hidden Beach are top spring attractions. Enjoy a redwood forest, tour the 48 acre Botanical Garden, or visit The Sub-Surface Dive shop.. all are very close to Hidden Pines. Abalone diving and salmon fishing have begun with Ling Cod and Rock Fishing planned for May 15, 2016. Whale watchers, sportsmen and botanical forest enthusiasts can base camp at The Hidden Pines RV Park and Campground. Check In begins daily at noon at Hidden Pines Market. Consider testing your chess game skill on a round board 3 person chess game or play Foosball and shoot pool in the game room.  There are nightly self register sites available starting at 5 pm and RV or tent camps offer free planning available at the Hidden Pines Market Daily from noon to 5 pm. The free planning begins with dates and can include RV or tent information, Vehicles, Pets, Boats, Trailers, Pool Use, Firewood and/or Ice purchasing. Please leave your name and phone number if we miss your call. (707) 961-5451.

The RV Park and Campground are hidden behind The Hidden Pines Market Building located at 18701 North Highway 1 - Fort Bragg Ca - 95437 - The Entrance Driveway is on North side of  Hidden Pines Market - There are two loops inside the park so tours, check in, and check out are all easy procedures.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Hidden Pines RV Park & Campground - Fort Bragg California 2016 - RV and Camping Vacations

Hidden Pines RV Park Campground Fort Bragg - Only 1/4 mile from A Sandy Beach - 1 mile to Noyo Harbor - 4 miles to a Redwood Forest -or 7.8 miles to Mendocino Village. 

2016 Hidden Pines RV Park Campground Vacation offer good value for 3 days to two weeks -  These 2016 Beach Week Vacations are very popular at Hidden Pines. 

Free Vacation Planning - Check In Starts At Noon - Vacations can be purchased daily from noon to 5 pm by phone - (707) 961-5451 - Campground and RV Park Are Open Every Day In All Seasons - Free vacation planning - all sales final. 

These vacations offer a great value in Fort Bragg, California. The Hidden Pines RV Park is 1/4 mile from a hidden sandy beach cove. Large RV campsites with table, fire ring, water, power, sewer, cable tv, wifi, restrooms, showers, and a fish cleaning area.

The RV park and campground can accommodate any size RV, boat, and vacations for 2 to 30 people are available now. 

Vacations at Hidden Pines for many people include visits to enjoy; The Botanical Gardens, Noyo Harbor, whale watching, beach play, abalone diving, crabbing, fishing, and wild mushroom harvesting. The wild forest mushroom season is open now through through April. Whales are here now. Wild forest mushroom gathering in Fort Bragg California, with mild winter temperatures and lush green forests is spectacular. No, I am not overstating this fact.  Come see for yourself and put me to the test. There are many other beautiful areas to see also, with activities too for any visitor right here at Hidden Pines in Fort Bragg. Restaurants and shopping are less than a mile as are the Noyo Harbor boat launch and harbor slips. These large RV sites each have a fire ring and table for a better camping experience. Check in starts at noon with EZ self register RV sites and Camping sites available at the night office after 5pm. To purchase a vacation in advance call (707) 961-5451. The RV camps offer spring midweek 3 night vacation starting at $99 for 1 or 2 people and also beach week vacations from $169 to $225 including; water, power, sewer disposal, cable, WIFI, camp fire ring and table. The Hidden Pines RV Park can accommodate any size RV with room for a boat and/or an extra vehicle. Group camps are available also. For vacations or an event you can start by calling and ask for free planning. Today the winter landscapes are lush and green. Warm southern rain showers are falling. Check the weather in Fort Bragg, temperatures are mild. This year a warm, wet, el nino pattern seems to be here. Drive safe and thank you for your business.

RV Camp 31 - Is in a center circle top of the hill 

RV Camp 33 to 35 are at the bottom of the hill private, large, and flat.

Top of the Hill Tent only Campsites J and T - have a blue water ocean view.

Together in trees - RV Sites 10 through 14 are popular group camps.

Fresh Wild Forest Mushrooms are available daily from noon to 5pm
at the Camp market - yum yum.

Hidden Beach has two paths. The north trail is about 1/2 mile and the south trail is about 1/4 mile from Hidden Pines. The north was in good condition on January 5, 2016 -

This RV parking area for checking in is located right behind the camp store

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fort Bragg RV Park - March 2016 Spring Camp Vacations - Hidden Pines Campground

The RV Park & Campground Are In Fort Bragg - Consider Hidden Pines Spring Vacations - Come Enjoy A Beach On The Green Mendocino Coast - In Fort Bragg California. 

RV or Tent Camp in Fort Bragg near redwood forests, beaches, spring flowers, mushrooms, and whales. All are here now for spring ready to enjoy. Grey whales are going north. The Botanical Garden is open too less just 1/2 mile south of Hidden Pines Campground and RV Park. Come and see these whales, the green gardens and some giant redwood forests - then maybe, take a walk on a beach. RV Camps have fire rings and tables... plus power, water. sewer, cable, and wifi. Scroll these pages and including tabs at the top for more information, pictures, and maps. Vacation planning is available by phone or at the camp store - daily from noon to 5 pm - Call daily or leave your name, number, and message with questions for free planning. You can purchase vacations by phone or at the camp store.  (707) 961 - 5451 - Ask about The Hidden Pines 2016 Spring Vacations.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Hidden Pines RV Park - Fort Bragg, California - 2015 - Hidden Pines RV Vacations

 2015 - Hidden Pines RV Park and Campground - Enjoy Beach Vacations Fort Bragg California - Mendocino County.

Fort Bragg RV Park and Camping vacations at Hidden Pines are available from noon to 5 pm daily by phone (707) 961-5451 or at Hidden Pines Market. Free vacation planning and/or advance sales for  a long weekend, a 4 night midweek bargain, or the popular beach week vacation are available by phone or at the store.  Hidden Beach is a great treat. There's two paths you can go on but in the long run there's still time to change the road you're on. Open every day in all seasons, there are first come first serve sites offered daily at the camp market from noon to 5 pm and after 5 pm we self register sites are posted at the night office behind the market building. Self register sites are posted on the white bulletin board at the night office, please use posted sites only - Thanks :0)

The hunt for a 10 pound Big Red Abalone at Hidden Pines RV Park in Fort Bragg California. A 10 inch abalone is of good size... but no one yet has found a 10 lb abalone at Hidden Pines, in Fort Bragg California. A 9 pounder is the biggest abalone weighed here in the past 10 years... actually it was 8.79 pounds. Many abalone are weighed at the market building. Bring yours in and weigh them.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hidden Pines RV Park & Campground Fort Bragg - RV Vacation Sales July and August 2015 -

Hidden Pines RV Park and Campground are hidden. Take a look behind The Hidden Pines Market Building. Warm weather RV plans in Fort Bragg California can include a beach. Hidden Pines offers both large RV sites with camp fire rings and tables on The North Coast Highway 1 in Fort Bragg, California... plus it is very nearby to a sandy beach cove, only1/4 mile or only 1/2 mile to fishing boats at Noyo Harbor. Daily check in and checkout time starts at noon. RV or tent camps are available and can accommodate from 1 to 30 people. First come - first serve RV and camp sites for 1 to 8 people are purchased daily starting at noon in the camp market. Self Register sites for 1 to 8 people can be bought daily at the night office behind the camp store after 5 pm. Vacations and group camps for 9 to 30 people can be bought at the camp store or by phone (707) 961-5451 - they are sold from noon to 5pm daily. The Hidden Pines Entrance is at 18701 N. HWY 1 in Fort Bragg ca. 95437 - 

There are 50 sites with pool, bathrooms, and showers. The RV and/or Camp Sites can be arranged for 1 to 30 people and they can accommodate any size RV. The RV sites can include WIFI, Cable, Water, Sewer, and Electric. Holding tank disposal is located at RV sites 10 through 38. Sites 1 to 9 can dump their holding tanks at the RV dump station when they leave. Only guests may use the dump station, bathrooms, showers or pool. Enjoy some of these pictures to see the park during this summer.
August and September vacations are available for 3 to 7 nights at the camp store or (707) 961-5451. One night stays for summer camping starts at $35 and RV sites start at $40 - Free vacation planning is available by phone or stop by the market building from noon to 5pm. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hidden Pines - July 2015 - Fort Bragg RV Park and Campgrounds

July vacations at Hidden Pines RV Park or Campground can accommodate any size RVs and group camping up to 30 people. Advance purchase vacation stays of three days to a week with free planning are available daily from noon to 6pm - If you provide dates for first night - last night -  number of; people, motorhomes, trailers, boats, vehicles, and pet information... we can help.

Most important are your phone number and your dates. We will research available sites and if you leave a message we can call you back  our information listed above. Not a wilderness park. This RV Park and campground are improved and at the south entrance of Fort Bragg on North Coast Hwy 1.

Open all day in all seasons with the indoor pool now open for the summer season. Self Register is EZ too after 5pm at the night office behind the Camp market. Improvements include street lights, showers, bathrooms, game room and market building with water, power, tables, fire rings, cable TV and WIFI too. Only 1/2 mile south from Noyo Harbor fishing boats, boat launch, and restaurants. A hidden beach, trees with shelter from wind, large RV or camping spaces are available and there is space both in the front and behind the RV camps, unlike many other RV Parks. The RV Park and Campgrounds are Hidden behind the Market Building at the entrance, an RV parking area is behind the market for EZ check in and to buy wood, ice, and propane.

After you set up camp be sure to ask about Hidden Sandy Hare Creek Beach... very close but hidden from view. The beach is only 1/4 mile walk or drive from the Hidden Pines Market Building. Call between noon and 6 pm daily or leave your trip information in a message to purchase a summer vacation deal - (707) 961-5451. PS - A good idea is to consider your dates and other information before you call and begin your free planning.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Fort Bragg RV Park & Campground - Hidden Pines - June 2015

Camping and RV park guests at Hidden Pines in Fort Bragg are playing on the beach and enjoying the pool for summer vacations and holidays. Any size RV fit in these large sites with fire rings, tables, cable tv, and WIFI  Wind breaks and trees are at selected sites. A hidden sandy play beach is only 1/4 mile from the camp store.
RV park, parking, check in area, campground, pool, bathrooms , and showers are all behind the Hidden Pines Market Building with access from the north driveway at 18701 North Highway 1, Fort Bragg California. Information (707) 961-5451. Check in and check out daily for first come first serve sites begins at Noon. Self Registration on selected sites are posted for the night traveler at the night office, behind the camp store. Planning and purchasing for vacations and extended stays are available at the camp store or by phone - call (707) 961-5451. Fishing, diving, Botanical Gardens, shopping and restaurants are all less than a mile from Hidden Pines. Lighting is at selected sites for night travelers with restrooms and coin operated showers available too.