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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fort Bragg RV Park November Preview - Mendocino Coast Fall Camping

November green grass and fair weather comes to the coast in Fort Bragg, good news for RV travelers and campers. Mendocino and Fort Bragg historically enjoy good weather in the month of November. Beach, boat and forest pleasures include a beautiful botanical garden, wild forest mushrooms, abalone and crab, surf and spear fishing, camp fires and songs. Great prices this year for gas and RV camping offers to many people a green light for their travel budget. November at The Hidden Pines Campground and RV park in Fort Bragg California offers advance purchase discount vacations plus great rates for the first come first serve guests too.  Call (707) 961-5451 for free planning or to make an advance purchase. This season find a reason for making a November RV or camping trip.

Enjoy these photos and then come see more, click on the HOME PAGE LINK at the top of the blog, and scroll down. Flowers, seascapes, and forest mysteries abound. My abalone card is only 1/2 used now, so November seafood and ocean Kayaking are in my plans. Crab season opens this November for sport fishermen and Dungenous crab are tasty.

Botanical gardens tours and education include wild forest mushroom information. Many of the finest restaurants pay dearly to obtain fresh wild forest mushrooms.

Artists hang out in Mendocino and so do musicians. Only 7.8 miles south from Hidden Pines is Mendocino Village where people come from around the world to experience their joy and romance. Art, sculpture, music, drama, and a few hippies too.

How about a one week RV park stay, with campfire ring, table, WIFI, cable, electric, water and sewer all included... The Advance purchase discount price is available now,  - $189 -
Do you want to know more? Call me.
(707) 961-5451.

All of these photos are at The Hidden Pines Campground and RV Park or within 1/2 mile from it. Want to see more pictures? Come to the HOME PAGE. 

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fort Bragg RV Park News - Fall Hidden Pines Vacation Deals - Spear Fishing & Abalone and more - October 2014

Fort Bragg RV park planning can include. Price, sunshine, fresh seafood, music and peace on the beach are fall activities int the RV Park and Campground at Hidden Pines in Fort Bragg. Spear fishing and abalone diving are very good in October. November is crab and spearfishing. December are the wild forest mushrooms. Food is healthy and delicious here on the north coast of California. With grocery store costs rising, consider using your time to come do a harvest, almost for free from the sea and forest. Call for more information (707) 961-5451.

A week at a beach for just a song? Well it is a bit more than a song, but not much. Sing songs and come see the sea. October is a great time to purchase vacations at Hidden Pines Campground. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fort Bragg RV Park Guests and Campers Enjoy Fair Weather For Abalone Cooking

Some saved money and had fun in the sun this weekend in Fort Bragg, here at the RV Park or in a tent camp at Hidden Pines RV Park and Campground. Sites from $25 to $33 were popular picks, also a group camp and some larger RV sites were enjoyed as well. Abalone has six weeks plus change until the season will close. This week a blood moon eclipse and monster tides churned up the water a bit so viability was a challenge, but I found a few fresh red abalone and tried out a new secret recipe.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Fort Bragg RV Park - Heat Wave On The Beach - October 3, 2014

Warm weather on a Fort Bragg beach is a good day. The north coast of California in Mendocino county has blue skies, great weather and calm seas for the first weekend of October 2014. Hidden Pines RV park and campground is open all day every day on highway 1 in Fort Bragg where getting into the pacific ocean from a sandy beach in a protected cove, is just a short walk from camp. Some days gazing at the sea is all you can do. Today roll up your pants or put on your shorts, then walk along the sandy shore and wade toward the gentle waves and feel them work their magic on your legs and feet. I like to rub my toes in kelp that washes up on to shore. Some places sell kelp baths - yet I like the pacific salt spray and  massaging motion of the waves running towards the beach over my feet and then flowing back to the sea and around my ankles. Abalone season has 4 weeks remaining. If your in Fort Bragg or Mendocino stop by and have a look at the Hidden Pines RV Park and Campground. Check in at the store or use the self register night office. (707) 961-5451 :0)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 27, 2014 - Fort Bragg RV Park News - Beach Get Away

Hidden Pines - Beach Camp Get Away - a better way to use your RV - Parking or storing your RV ?  Use your RV as your beach house. Families from the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Chico often enjoy RV sites at Hidden Pines this way. Big sites, camp fires, great location - Beach, Botanical Garden, Dive Shop, Starbucks, Harbor and Shopping are other good reasons to stay at Hidden Pines. The family, your dog, and your friends will thank you.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 2014 - Fort Bragg RV Park - Camping Near A Beach.

Camping or an RV trip close to a Fort Bragg beach is a good way to end summer or begin the fall season. This year the weather is living up to the legacy at Hidden Pines Campground and RV Park. Here you can walk to a Fort Bragg sandy beach, only 1/4 mile, where the joy of the pacific and beauty of her sunsets are awaiting your visit to Mendocino county. Open 24 hrs - every day all year  so you can check in  any time you want after 1 pm at the camp store on Highway 1 or after 5 pm use the EZ self register office behind the store. For 3 nights or more you may wish to buy your site in advance - (707) 961-5451 and enjoy fall or winter promotional discount dates. Visit this link and scroll the blog for more pictures or call  707-961-5451 for questions, be sure to leave your phone number and name if you get the message machine. Thanks.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fort Bragg RV Park - Breaking News Report - Fort Bragg & Mendocino - September 18, 2014 -

Hidden Pines Campground and RV Park in Fort Bragg, Mendocino county. Great location, RV Park is ready for fall big Red Abalone diving and wild forest mushrooms.  Fine dining :0)

2014 - Sunset At Fort Bragg Beach

Check in 1pm to 5pm daily at the camp store or use the self register night office after 5pm daily. A walk on a sandy beach or dip in the pool? Both are great ways to end the summer. Bring any size RV, camper or tent and enjoy a great location with bathrooms, showers, wifi, cable tv, fire pits and tables ready for your visit. Advance purchase is advised for more than 2 nights. First come first serve is recommended for 1 or 2 nights. Welcome to this RV Park in California, such a lovely place, such a lovely space... There is plenty to do at this RV Park in California  - You can check in any time you want to... but you may never want to leave. :0) Drive well and leave a message - 707-961-5451.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

RV Park News Report - Hidden Pines September 3, 2014 -

September 2014 is the season for adult RV camping in Fort Bragg. Kids are back at school as grown ups occupy the RV Park and campground at Hidden Pines Campground. Labor day weekend was warm with good fishing and abalone diving. The park was full and now the cleanup is completed. Beach week promotional sales provide large RV camps with fire Ring, Table, WiFi, Cable TV, Water, Power, and Sewer connection.  Call now and ask about - A Seven Night, $199 beach week. One week Tent Camps from $179. Scroll the blog for more information, maps, and photos.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hidden Pines RV Park - Labor Day Report

The 2014 Labor Day holiday is here, and now is the time to come to the RV park or tent campground. Check in from 1pm to 5pm at the camp store, located at 18701 North Hwy One - in Fort Bragg, Mendocino county. Enjoy this spectacular north coast of California. Great sunsets and play time on a beach at the Pacific ocean :0) This picture was taken last week from across the street at Safeway in Fort Bragg. The Pacific ocean is laying flat and being pacific. I like the view, how about you? Abalone diving, spear and sport fishing too, drive safe. 
         A few recent pictures at Hidden Pines Campground, Fort Bragg.

    Notes for this weekends 2014 labor day - First come first serve camp sites can sell out fast. They begin at 1 pm daily at the camp store.  As I write this blog, one group tent camp for 12 people is available for advance purchase by calling 707-961-5451 - the price is $240 it includes; Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights with checkout noon on Monday with 2 tables, a fire ring and up to 8 people people plus 2 vehicles. One RV site is also available for advance purchase and includes; 3 nights; 1 vehicle, 1 RV, and up to 4 people for $150 - Note: pets are subject to breed restrictions, leashes and a fee of $15 per pet for 3 nights. Pool sessions are appointment only and cost $5 per swimmer or 3 swimmers for $10 - An adult must supervise all minor swimmers. The beach is free just 1/4 mile from camp. Blackberries are ripe and free for the picking :0)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fort Bragg RV Park Camping Report - August 2014 Planning Tip

RV parks in Fort Bragg are preparing camps in August for big Red abalone divers. Great salmon fishing in June and July has been the ticket in 2014. Hidden Pines Tent or RV sites are ready and waiting priced from $30 to $40 for 1 or 2 people, other sites are available that can accommodate from 3 to 10 people, call for price and availability. Calm seas for fishing and boating with clear, warm weather on this 24th day of July. Hidden Pines Campground offers a 1 night stay sold at the camp store 1pm to 5pm daily plus self register sold after 5pm, at the night office. RV or tent camping extended stays can be purchased in advance by the phone at 707-961-5451. If you get the message machine - please leave your name and number as we may be helping other people. The RV Park and campground are open every day. Ask about; free planning before your camping or RV site purchase, night arrivals with self registration, and first come first serve sites. Purchasing camping or RV sites at Hidden Pines Campground? All sales are final sales, rain or shine without refunds or changes. Plan before you buy. Buy what you can afford to risk if you have a change of plans.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

RV Park Fort Bragg and Mendocino - Salmon Camp Report -

Fort Bragg - Hidden Pines Campground - RV Fish Camp - Photo - July 19 Salmon Report. Limits and back in camp early again today for our fish camps. Fair seas make fishing EZ and salmon are plentiful. Your boat, RV or tent, and a fish camp are a good idea now, if you have a few days. Call 707-961-5451.

Big fish - Photo July 19, 2014 - Hidden Pines Campground RV Park - Biggest Limit Caught Here Today.
A small gold spoon did the trick. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fort Bragg, Mendocino RV Park Report - 2014 Salmon Fishing - Hidden Pines Campground

Mendocino and Fort Bragg RV campers are still enjoying abundant salmon fishing in the RV fish camps here at Hidden Pines Campground. The boat harbor and launch are only 1/2 mile from camp. A nearby beach or a dip in camp pool pool are fun activities too. Wild King Salmon are efficient and voracious. Wild Salmon offer good health and fine dinning too. Come enjoy wild salmon at Hidden Pines Campground.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fort Bragg RV Park - Fish Camp Salmon Report

Fort Bragg, California. An RV park with Salmon Fishing Camps, now at Hidden Pines Campground. Only 1/2 mile from Noyo Harbor. (707) 961-5451.
Today good Salmon fishing continues. Most of the RV fish camps have full limits again and the salmon are getting bigger. RV camps are available daily starting at 1pm on a first come basis. For a stay of 3 nights or longer, RV camps can be purchased in advance at the camp store or by calling 707-961-5451.  Leave a message with your phone number if we miss your call, we may be helping other people. A one night stay after 6pm is available nightly at the EZ self register office behind the camp store so drive safe and we will see you in the morning.
RVs or tents can use sites 1 through 9 or the dry camps A through E. Sites 1 through 9 have water, electric, cable tv, wifi, tables, fire rings, and 1 free RV dump when you leave the park. These are large camps.  for more information. (707) 961-5451

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 2014 Salmon Fishing - RV Camp Report - Fort Bragg & Mendocino

Elvis - Thank you very much... used superior intellect and skill to catch his 30 pound King Salmon. Except his name is not Elvis and though his fish is reported as largest on the boat for Sunday July 6, 2014 among his family... the story varied some - was it 30 pounds or  27 lbs... or maybe it was 29 pounds?  At The Hidden Pines Campground Fish Cleaning Station, stories can change as you interview eye witnesses :0)
 Big Fish Secrets? Call (707) 961-5451 ask for Mike and plan your fish camp soon. 
Alex Caught His First Salmon on July 6th 2014 on a 1pm afternoon fishing trip from Noyo Harbor with "All Aboard Fishing". He said Captain and crew on the boat. " The Sea Hawk were " were very good and the fishing was hot...
Alex caught his first salmon ever on July 6th 2014. His 1pm afternoon fishing trip left from Noyo Harbor and was provided by "All Aboard Fishing". His trip was sponsored by two guests at Hidden Pines Campground. Many others too were also treated, by the same same kind and generous couple, to an afternoon charter fishing trip with a good captain and crew on the " Sea Hawk ".  Fishing was very good on their Sunday afternoon excursion. The Pacific near Noyo Harbor is full of Salmon now. Several of our fish camps went home with full limits.

I had good fortune fishing with Mark who frequents Fort Bragg and Hidden Pines Campground. My limit of Kings were shared and enjoyed with family and friends at the Hidden Pines Camp store. When it's hot its hot. Hot fishing on the coast beats hot inland air. Call - (707) 916 - 9651 - plan your RV fish camp now.

This fish story looks pretty good.  I see a good catch and a couple biggies.  Using a scale though, is still maybe a good idea - I think.
Action and fun are as much a reward as are the great meals for those whom enjoy Salmon Fishing. These pictures tell this story.  A scale can keep it real, as fish stories can grow bigger at the Fort Bragg, Hidden Pines RV campground, fish cleaning station. :0)

    I put this fish on ice for some BBQ.

 Mom and dad test the recipe at the camp store BBQ as a salmon dinner is ready to eat. Many great outdoor meals are happening here daily at several fish camps. Camping and cooking?  Sounds good to me.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

RV and Camp Report Fort Bragg and Mendocino - June to July 2014

Healthy Shelled Walnuts At Camp Store.
Big Red Abalone - yum yum
Outdoor cooking just tastes better.

Fort Bragg and Mendocino RV camping fans enjoy The Hidden Pines Campground with pool and a sandy beach. Salmon fishing is excellent. Time to catch fish, tour the redwoods, go diving, ride the train, or ride your bike. The long hot days of summer are saying come to the beach. At night you can build camp fires and sing songs. Well, some folks can sing songs - ok...  maybe a few girl scouts will sing a song. Enjoy the summer pictures I just posted. Camping and RVs are open all day every day with an 24 hour EZ self registration office open for the night traveler. An advance nonrefundable purchase is available for any stay of 2 nights or longer, planning and pencil ins are free. These can be purchased by phone or at the camp store to make sure there not taken by our 1st come 1st served guests. Call and leave your contact information. (707) 961-5451. Dry camping tent sites during summer start at $30. Promotional discounts are available for any advance purchase stay for 3 nights or longer. Camp wood can be delivered or purchased at the camp store. 1 bundle of Douglas fir firewood is $8 or 2 bundles is $15. A large mixed load of pine, fir, and oak firewood is $20. A one day pool pass is $5. Ten pounds of ice are $2.50 and propane is $2.49 per gallon. WiFi - Cable TV - Fire Pits - Tables - Rest Rooms - Showers - Game Room, an amazing camp host, and this beautiful North California Coast offer you a complete vacation package and good value.
These summer flowers were photographed today. The indoor pool is open daily in summer and the sandy beach is only one quarter of a mile from the camp store. :0)
Summer rates from $35 on camps 1 to 9 - any size RV or tent.  
Summer rate - Camp 31 - 1 or 2 people - 1 vehicle - 1 RV - $40  - 50 AMP service, water, sewer, cable, WiFi, fire ring, table.

Summer rate - Camp 30 - 1 or 2 people - 1 vehicle - 1 RV - $40  - 50 AMP service, water, sewer, cable, WiFi, fire ring, table. 

Summer rate - Camp 35 - 1 or 2 people - 1 vehicle - 1 RV - $40  - 30 AMP service, water, sewer, cable, WiFi, fire ring, table.
Enjoy Wild Forest Mushrooms at the Camp Store.
Camps 10, 11,and 12 are large RV camps with trees :0)

Thank You For Your Business. (707) 961-5451. Entrance is the North Driveway at the Camp Store
Hidden Pines North Driveway.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fort Bragg and Mendocino Abalone Diving, RV & Camping 2014 Report

April 1, 2014 - Big red abalone diving, camping, and RV trips are open in Fort Bragg and Mendocino, where lush redwood forests join the Pacific Ocean on the north coast of California. The first day of Abalone season was April 1, 2014. Fishing regulators tried to make it April fools day this year. The time to start diving for abalone was changed to 8:00 am and the season limit was reduced to 18. Today spring rains became showers and the weather channel weekend report predicts 70 degrees by Sunday, April 6th, 2014. Would you like to know more?  Call (707) 961-5451 or visit Hidden Pines Campground. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mendocino, Fort Bragg RV Camping - March 26, 2014

Mendocino Coast RV Camping Spring Report

Fort Bragg and Mendocino are only 100 miles north of San Francisco on coastal highway 1, a favorite destination for north California coast fans. Weather this week includes spring showers adding more green shoots for what is already spectacular beauty. Full bloom is on now with grasses at the beach, flowers on the edges, green forests, and wild forest mushrooms for your pleasure. RV and camping plans at Hidden Pines Campground include April abalone diving and spring vacations. The summer season too, enjoyed by many families is just around the corner. I look forward to seeing many visiting friends and family here in 2014. There are cabins next door and a motel too. Call (707) 961-5451 and let's do some RV or camping plans.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Camping March 17 2014 Fort Bragg RV Park And Camping Report

Saint Patrick's day 2014 at Hidden Pines Campground and RV park. Today is a spring delight with beautiful green grasses and lush Redwood Forests. The high temps are near 60 with blue skies and a cool northern breeze.  The RV Park and campground are located just 100 miles north of San Francisco, at 18701 Highway 1, on the North Coast of California. Some have asked me about the recent new movie,  "A Need For Speed" with scenes filmed nearby. The race in the movie was filmed on highway 128 and highway 1 including their intersection just 15 miles south from this RV Park. Yes, it is as beautiful of a drive as is seen in the movie. Whale watching is best done from shore today as the Pacific ocean is not pacific. After writing this blog report I am making and flying a new seagull kite.  A sandy protected beach cove is just a 1/4 mile walk from the Hidden Pines camp store and a perfect place to fly a kite, or play with kids, or run with a four footed friend. Wild forest mushrooms, fresh walnuts, ice, firewood, and propane are good values and available at the camp store. Camping or RV sites with water, wifi, cable, electric, and holding tank disposal are available every day. From 10 am to 6 pm check in at the camp store and after 6 pm register at the RV and camping night self registration office behind the camp store. Great spring time rates too... sites are available from $25 or $30 or $35 based upon amenities, with group sites available too. Non aggressive pet breeds on a leash, boats, extra people, cargo trailers, or tow vehicles can be accommodated too... call for details. (707) 961-5451.